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There are different types of massage that can be used during labor such as lower back massage smooth strokes also called effleurage counter pressure and hip squeezes. Effects of labor pain includes inflammation in uterus and labor dystocia.

The Power Of Touch Massage During Labor Shafia Monroe Consulting

Slowly bring the fingertips upward still using light pressure to point near the top of your abdomen.

Effleurage in labor. It can be performed by you or your labor partner during contractions. Suggestions are expected for further research to compare the two non pharmacological methods to the intensity of scildbirth pain during the 1st stage. The light pressure helps to relax the mother during labor reducing tension and fear which often helps decrease the experience of pain.

There is an effect of the effleurage massage method on the intensity of the first stage labor pain. Effleurage and counter pressure massage were complementary treatment to relieve pain. Effleurage is a light fingertip massage.

To do effleurage lightly place the fingertips of both hands on your abdomen just above your pubic bone. In my experience i found that doulas are very skilled in massage techniques. Use of the fingertips on the abdomen is a common practice though rubbing the arms legs and back can also be helpful.

It can be concluded that there is a significant difference in the reduction of labor pain between before effleurage massage and after effleurage massage for mothers in labor. Labor pain was an emotional experience and involves both physiological and psychological mechanisms during labor. The mechanism effluerage is an activate autonomic nerves system s and social enggagment dyadic respons that is mantain body balanced.

Effleurage is one of methode manegement pain in labor. 0 000 that the effleurage massage technique was more effective than the conterpressure massage technique in reducing labor pain during active phase. This research purposed to evaluate the effectiveness of effleurage massage to reduce pain in active phase labor.

The results showed that effleurage massage was effective in reducing labor pain in women with a p value of 0 002 0 05. Many times effleurage is used as a method to manage pain during natural childbirth. Massage flexure pain intensity and labor period.

It can be concluded that effleurage massage technique was more effective than conterpressure massage technique in reducing labor pain during the active phase.

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