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The person assumes the spousal role. Adult is newly married with no children.

Duvall S Developmental Task In The Family Adolescence Parent

Duvall stages of family development.

Duvall stages of family development. The married couple wife husband establishing a mutually satisfying marriage adjusting to pregnancy fitting into the kin network. Oldest child is between 2 and 6. Childbearing wife mother husband father infant s having and adjusting to an infant establishing a satisfying home for parents and infant s.

Developmental task in the family. First child is born. Role of parent is added.

During the first stage of family development members work to establish a mutually satisfying relationship learn to relate well to their families of orientation and if applicable engage in reproductive life planning. Eight stages of family development. Duvall s theory is based on the traditional nuclear intact family.

According to duvall 1977 the family life cycle consists of 8 overlapping stages these stages are characterized by different stages in the personality development of each individual different family responsibilities and different degrees of satisfaction in marriage. Family life cycle. A family will move from one stage to the next after all members successfully master the tasks within a stage.

Establishing a mutually satisfying relationship includes merging the values that the couple brings into the relationship. Families will move through each stage in order across time.

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