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It s okay to review the video tutorials and solved questions if you need some help. Included topics are dosage calculation metric conversions unit conversions parenteral medications and fluid input and output.

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The pharmacy calculations quizzes are composed of naplex type short answer questions and multiple choice questions with answers.

Drug calculations questions. This drug calculations review contains questions that cover a wide variety of dosage calculations problems you will encounter on exams and on the job. Some medical schools will have one or two calculation questions as an individual station whereas other medical schools include a number of calculation questions to create a calculation test as part of the interview process. You will be able to check your answers when you have completed all of the questions.

Mmi calculation tasks can test a range of different concepts ranging from drug calculations to concentrations volumes and flow rates. You can test what you have learnt with this drug calculations quiz. The safe dosage of this drug is 0 15 mg kg.

Drug dosage calculation practice quiz in this section are the practice problems and questions for drug dosage calculations. There is also a bonus section containing information on the most commonly asked therapeutic levels of medications. Some drug calculations may involve working out the volume of solution needed to give the required dose of a drug.

Choose your answer by clicking the radio button next to your choice and then press submit to get your score. One way to tackle these types of questions is to set up a simple equation where x is the variable you are trying to find. Choose one answer from the following.

You are asked to give a patient weighing 50 kg a 1 mg kg iv injection. Doctor orders amoxil for a child that weighs 63 lbs. This nursing test bank set includes 100 questions broken down into four parts.

The safe dosage range for this medication is 50 mg kg day every 8 hours. Safe dosage calculation for pediatric patients quiz. Here are 13 categories you will be tested on with this quiz.

A person is prescribed ropinirole 1 5 mg divided into three doses. How many micrograms is each dose. There are seven drug dosage calculations to attempt.

The following questions are designed to help practice skills in calculating dosages for adult and pediatric patients and compute for iv infusion rates. Our goal is for you to master key concepts and build confidence for your exams while using the pharmacy calculations quizzes. Dosage and calculations practice test.

Iv flow rates gtts min iv flow rate ml hr iv flow rates infusion time. Doctor orders zofran 2 mg for a child that weighs 13 6 kg. What is the safe dose for this child per dose.

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