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Uniformity gave way to individuality over the years as scrubs in a variety of patterns and colors replaced traditional attire. Colorful sneakers and clogs replaced white nursing shoes and hose and nurses could finally express themselves a bit more.

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Every post has a different colour and almost nowadays accepted dressing code of nurse id full covered pant shirt with pockets to keep surgical instruments in it.

Dress code for nurses. It is important to note that clinical expertise should not be judged by what a nurse wears. Vintage nursing dress used to be like frocks. This dress code debate traditional whites versus scrubs rages on with no clear cut answer.

Nurse dress code 6 pick good clothing material as a natural product cotton can control moisture provide comfort insulate is hypoallergenic and very durable. Some patients indicated that rather than look as if they were ready to care for patients some nursing staff looked like they were ready for the gym or at the club. In the past dress codes for nurses were strict and often included a uniform skirt nursing cap hose and plain shoes typically white.

When used to manufacture clothes especially nursing attire it is very easy to maintain and helps you pull off that sharp neat and presentable look. It used to be mostly white collar neck pockets on both the side. At the time there was no standard dress code for any type of nurses at the hospital whether they were rns licensed practical nurses lpns or nursing assistants nas.

Interestingly a survey conducted by american nurse today found that 28 pcercnt of the patients expressed the opinion that nurses should wear white uniforms.

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