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How many ml will you give. Drug dosage calculation practice quiz.

Iv Push Dosage Calculation Two Examples Youtube

The vial is labeled 80 mg 2 ml.

Dose calculation practice problems. The patient is to receive 65 units of a drug. The order is to give 60 mg of garamycin gentamicin im every 8hr. This is because when such items are asked in examinations an examinee is expected to calculate and compute drug dosages for their patients.

Included topics are dosage calculation metric conversions unit conversions parenteral medications and fluid input and output. Ml 2ml 80 mg x 60 mg 1 12 8 1 5 ml 2. Dosage drug calculations nursing comprehensive quiz for students.

In this section are the practice problems and questions for drug dosage calculations. How many dosages are provided in the prescription listed below. Rx cardura 2 mg po qd disp.

Well you have to make sure you are updated with the basics and essentials needed to get through the main exam. How many droppersful a 2 5 ml dosage are in a 50 ml bottle of. Dosage and calculations practice tests are some of the most commonly searched practice exams for both student nurses and nurses wanting to take licensure and certification exams.

This drug calculations review contains questions that covers a wide variety of dosage calculations problems you will encounter on exams and on the job. Are you looking towards or preparing for becoming a medical assistant or nurse. So let s get to it.

It is expected that these computations are accurate. The vial is labeled 50 units per 2 ml. This quiz here consists of some basic questions of drug medicines their dose and usage.

This nursing test bank set includes 100 questions broken down into four parts. Here are 13 categories you will be tested on with this quiz. 6 chapter five dosage calculations practice problems 5 1 1.

Dosage calculation practice problems.

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