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This cranial nerve examination osce guide provides a clear step by step approach to examining the cranial nerves with an included video demonstration. Cranial nerve examination introduction 1 gather equipment 2 wash your hands and don ppe if appropriate 3 introduce yourself to the patient including your name and role 4 confirm the patient s name and date of birth 5 briefly explain what the examination will involve using patient friendly language.

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You may be asked to only examine the visual cranial nerves cn 2 3 4 6 or the bulbar cranial nerves cn 9 10 12.

Cranial nerve exam form. 24 use this form back to list. Scars facial asymmetry neurofibromas skin lesions e g. Cranial nerve examination frequently appears in osces.

Figure 5a 1a can be used to record the results of. The cranial nerve exam is a type of neurological examination. Functional neurological cranial nerve exam 1 there are 105 copies in use.

Sturge weber i olfactory nerve ask patient if any problem with sense of smell use standard set of bottles of non pungent odours. It has nine components. Xplain examination and get consent.

Detailed cranial nerve exam medical form chiropractor. May 10 2013 12 46 p m. Cranial nerve examination prepare patient introduction position sitting general inspection general signs.

Tuning fork 512 hz 1 olfactory nerve i the olfactory is a sensory nerve and damage in the nasal epithelium or the basal gangliamight impair the ability to discriminate different smells. Pen torch source of light tongue blade. It is used to identify problems with the cranial nerves by physical examination.

Deep tendon reflexes the following procedures are adequate for preliminary examination. These components correspond to testing the sense of smell visual fields and acuity eye movements and pupils sensory function of face strength of facial and shoulder girdle muscles hearing taste pharyngeal movement and reflex tongue movem. Patient well posture etc around bed.

You ll be expected to assess a subset of the twelve cranial nerves and identify abnormalities using your clinical skills. Atients name dob what they like to be called e. Cranial nerves examination nb.

Each test is designed to assess the status of one or more of the twelve cranial nerves. If this examination is normal the most productive information is obtained by performing a complete examination of the following. The following equipment is required for a cranial nerve examination.

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