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Aspiration which is food going into the lungs refeeding syndrome dangerous electrolyte. Though sometimes the condition of aspiration is very mild so much so that the person may not even realize it there are times when it can be so severe that it can lead to respiratory failure or aspiration pneumonia too.

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Pharyngeal or oesophageal perforation rare esophagitis oesophageal ulceration and stricture on prolonged used fine bore tubes should be used and replaced in the alternate nostril each month to pevent complications.

Complications of enteral feeding. Complications of enteral tube feeding tube complications ng tubes. This can lead to issues such as a dry mouth oral infection and general discomfort. Some of the most common include.

One of the most common enteral complications associated with the use of a feeding tube is aspiration. There are some complications that can occur as a result of enteral feeding. This was the final insult to my father during his slow decline from lung cancer.

I can t help but relate a personal tragedy. When complications occur gastrointestinal disturbances are most frequently encountered followed by mechanical and metabolic complications. It is a condition in which the food or saliva is inhaled into the lungs.

Complications of enteral feeding patients with feeding tubes are at risk for such complications as aspiration tube malpositioning or dislodgment refeeding syndrome medication related complications fluid imbalance insertion site infection and agitation. But also plays a key role in keeping the mouth comfortable. Pulmonary aspiration is an extremely serious complication of enteral feeding and can be life threatening in malnourished patients.

The majority of patients on enteral feeding will either be taking minimal oral intake or no oral intake at all. Maintaining good oral hygiene is of upmost importance when oral intake is low in order to avoid infections within the mouth and reduce the risk of chest infections. Enteral feedings are safely tolerated by most patients.

Nurses can prevent many of the problems associated with enteral feeding through careful monitoring.

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