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Your blood carries carbon dioxide to your lungs. You breathe out carbon dioxide and breathe in oxygen all day every day without thinking about it.

How To Measure Carbon Dioxide Co2 Levels Indoor Air Quality

The normal range is 23 to 29 milliequivalents per liter meq l or 23 to 29 millimoles per liter mmol l.

Co2 lab value. Pco2 normal 35 to 45 mm hg. Most of this is in the form of bicarbonate hco3 controlled by the kidney. Too much or too little carbon dioxide in the blood can indicate a health problem.

Co2 levels are reported on the abg test as the partial pressure of carbon dioxide. A small amount 5 of the co2 is dissolved in the blood and in the form of soluble carbonic acid h2co3. Venous bicarbonate is slightly higher at 24 30 meq l.

Talk to your provider about the meaning of your specific test results. Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories. Your test measures how many millimoles of carbon dioxide is in a liter or about a quart of fluid mmol l.

In health arterial plasma bicarbonate is maintained between 21 28 meq l. Pco2 levels will directly affect the levels of acid in the blood. This especially happens while i m teaching on rounds where my mind and tongue switches the carbon dioxide to serum bicarbonate bicarb levels or just bicarb.

Co2 content is a measurement of all the co2 in the blood. A normal result is between 23 and 29 mmol l. The value that seems to cause the most confusion is the carbon dioxide.

A co2 blood test measures the amount of carbon dioxide in your blood. The blood test often measures blood ph along with co2 levels to further determine the cause of your symptoms. Total carbon dioxide content is calculated during blood gas analysis as the sum of all forms of carbon dioxide.

A low co2 level can be a sign of several. The normal range for co2 is 23 to 29 meq l milliequivalent units per liter of blood. It is a waste product made by your body.

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