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Prepare a quiet environment so that you will be able to clearly hear the patient s lung sounds. The four standard points of auscultation for the heart are.

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The examiner should begin at the top compare side with side and work towards the lung bases.

Chest auscultation points. Second right intercostal space right sternal border. Ensure the patient is haemodynamically stable before mobilising them. Aortic on the patients right side of the sternum.

At the 4th intercostal space you will be assessing the right middle lobe and the left upper lobe. The points of auscultation for the front left and back right they will ask the patient to take deep breaths in and out and as air flows in and out of the lungs any abnormal breath sounds will be picked up by the clinician. 5 areas of the heart for auscultation see figure 9.

However the patient s clinical condition and comfort needs to be considered during the examination and some patients may only tolerate lying at a 45 angle. Third left intercostal space left sternal border. Anterior lung auscultation points.

Pulmonary on the left hand side of the patients s sternum. Tricuspid in the fourth intercostal space along the lower left border of the sternum. How to perform chest auscultation place the diaphragm of the stethoscope flat on the patient s chest at several points following the stepladder pattern.

Second left intercostal space left sternal border. Fouth left intercostal space left sternal border. Auscultation of the lungs should be systematic including all lobes of the anterior lateral and posterior chest.

The apex of the lung which is right above the clavicle. The optimal position for chest auscultation is sitting in a chair or on the side of the bed. The examiner should listen to at least one ventilatory cycle at each position of the chest wall.

Then move to the 2nd intercostal space to assess the right and left upper lobes.

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