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As wonderful as raising your newborn is it s easy to get wrapped up in your baby s needs and completely forget about your own. We know it can feel selfish and we know it can be difficult to do so.

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Physical postpartum care having a baby is a life changing event both emotionally and physically and proper postpartum care is crucial to your recuperation after giving birth and to your adjustment to life as a new parent.

Care plan for postpartum mother. The best postpartum care plan for new mothers. To recap make sure you pick up all of your postpartum care essentials so that you can make your recovery from childbirth as speedy as possible. Anticipatory guidance regarding signs and symptoms of perinatal depression or anxiety discussion and establishing a care team baby feeding plan and reproductive life plan.

The postpartum care plan should include1. Lochia is expected in a postpartum woman for 2 to 6 weeks so assessment of its characteristics is necessary to determine if it is the normal lochia or not. Because of this it s so vital to have a proper postpartum care plan in place.

Dangerous conditions like postpartum preeclampsia go undiagnosed and the cdc estimates that nearly 40 percent of american mothers with postpartum depression never get proper care. Recovery tips for new mothers when a woman is expecting she will find much information about caring for herself during pregnancy and preparing for labor. If the uterus is not firm upon palpation massage it gently.

The objective of your postpartum recovery plan is to make yourself comfortable and to put yourself as a priority. Placing the infant on the mother s breast also aids in stimulating contractions. Observe the perineum for ecchymosis hematoma.

She will be watched and monitored through both of these phases of giving birth. There you have it mama your complete postpartum recovery plan. For the first two weeks after giving birth allow yourself to focus on caring for yourself and your child.

It s important to take some time for yourself so that you can relax recharge and unwind.

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