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3 4 6 severe trauma to this level may also injure the spinal cord. Usually nonsurgical methods are tried first.

Understanding Spinal Cord Injury Part 1 The Body Before And After Injury Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center Msktc

Spinal cord injury videos spinal cord injury details understanding brain injury.

C7 spinal injury. The c7 level of injury affects the wrist flexors and finger extensors. Treatment for c6 c7 c8 injuries. Complete spinal cord injury no function below c67 cu.

Cervical level of spinal cord injury the cervical region consists of 8 spinal cord segments that make up your neck but an injury to this region can affect your entire body. A cervical spinal cord injury the most debilitating type of sci because all cervical scis result in quadriplegia. Nerves control elbow extension and some finger extension.

Injury to the vertebrae and or intervertebral disc at the c6 c7 level is a common source of c7 radicular nerve pain. An injury at c67 can range from no nerve problem to total paralysis also affecting the hands. Treatment of the c6 c7 spinal motion segment includes both surgical and nonsurgical methods.

However because the c7 segment is further down the cervical region of the spinal cord the majority of your arm functions may be spared. Depending upon the completeness a c8 injury will lead to paralysis of the legs trunk and hands with patients maintaining shoulder and arm movement. In rare cases when the c7 vertebra forms a cervical rib compression of surrounding blood vessels and or nerves may occur resulting in thoracic outlet syndrome.

Symptoms of a c8 spinal nerve injury types of spinal cord injury to this area have similar symptoms to those at the c6 and c7 levels. Surgery may be considered when nonsurgical treatments fail to relieve pain or in cases where severe spinal cord or c7 nerve damage progresses. A c7 spinal cord injury may result in quadriplegia which describes paralysis in the arms legs and sometimes the trunk.

The higher the injury on the spinal cord the more dysfunction can occur. A c7 spinal cord injury will result in quadriplegia which is paralysis in the arms trunk and legs. What you should know about spinal cord injury and recovery.

C7 spinal cord injury due to increased mobility of the upper extremities c7 spinal cord injury patients generally have a great deal of independence. As a result c7 sci patients may struggle to bend their wrists and spread out their fingers. Vertebrae are grouped into sections.

However because the c7 segment is further down the cervical region of the spinal cord a good majority of your arm functions will work normally.

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