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Moreover the results from a bun test are checked against other tests as well as outside factors. 1 increased bun may be due to.

Bun Creatinine Ratio Understand High Vs Low Levels Normal Range

In children the healthy reference range is from 5 to 18 mg dl or between 1 8 and 6 4 mmol l.

Bun test range. Bun levels also change with gender and age and during pregnancy. A milligram is a very tiny amount more than 28 000 to an ounce and a deciliter is equal to about 3 4 ounces. For adult men the normal bun values fall between 8 to 24 mg dl whereas for adult women the normal values tend to fall between 6 and 21 mg dl.

A result greater than 50 mg dl indicates an underlying medical problem. The normal value of bun can range from 7 20 mg dl. Results of the blood urea nitrogen test are measured in milligrams per deciliter mg dl in the united states and in millimoles per liter mmol l internationally.

The range of normal levels of blood urea nitrogen is between 7 and 22 mg dl. The range considered normal is between 7 to 20 milligrams per deciliter. Generally speaking if the values lie towards the middle or lower middle of the range the patient is considered to be healthy.

But normal ranges may vary depending on the reference range used by the lab and your age. This is a simple test done by drawing blood out of your body through a vein in your arm. What are normal bun levels.

For children from the age of 1 to 17 years old it is considered that 7 to 20 mg dl is a healthy value of bun in the blood. Acute or chronic kidney disease damage or failure such as those caused by diabetes and high blood pressure. Normal bun values mean that our kidneys are functioning well as expected.

A bun test during pregnancy may be conducted only on the advice of the doctor. The ideal range of bun values might vary based on the person s age and the reference range that the laboratory uses. People should speak to their doctor about what their results mean.

When the blood urea nitrogen values fall out of the reference range it is very likely that there is some kind of abnormality in the body most probably related to the kidney. The average values of a bun test are referred to as the reference range which may vary from one lab to the next. Levels of urea nitrogen is one marker on how well your kidneys are working.

In general around 7 to 20 mg dl 2 5 to 7 1 mmol l is considered normal. The bun normal test range lies between 7 and 21 milligrams per deciliter of blood. A blood urea nitrogen bun test measures the amount of urea nitrogen in your blood.

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