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Interpreting and understanding your blood test lab results first and foremost for you to understand. Get professional help interpreting your blood test results for free.

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Also a blood test this is a more specialized measurement for heart disease c reactive protein is a marker of inflammation how your body is responding to stress or damage inside.

Blood work interpretation. White blood cells wbcs red blood cells rbcs and platelets. Even when your results are all within normal range that s still a. People have been asking me about other blood work values that are often mentioned in the news.

Certain organs in your. It s helpful to think of your blood as both an oxygen delivery system and a waste removal mechanism. A cbc can inform the doctor if the body is making the appropriate number of each type of cell and it can also reflect signs of a current or recent infection bleeding or clotting issues.

Here are the ones i ve been asked about the most. The complete blood count cbc concentrates on the three types of blood cells. By measuring the volume of blood cells the cbc allows a doctor to evaluate an individual s overall health as well as check for underlying conditions such as leukemia and anemia.

A complete blood count cbc looks at the different cells that make up whole blood. Interpreting blood tests results to better understand what they mean can best be accomplished by sharing and discussing them with your personal physician. First let s talk about why your blood work results are so important.

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