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Blood test results help your doctor identify infections and allergies or diagnose potential diseases and conditions such as anemia and leukemia. It is important to realize that your blood test result may be outside of what is called the normal range for many reasons.

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It s also called a serum sodium test.

Blood test results na. The test measures the average side of red blood cells corpuscle is just another name for blood cell. Below we ve explained some of the commonly measured indicators of health. A complete blood count a metabolic panel and a lipid panel.

Abnormal size red blood cells may indicate a vitamin b12 deficiency. Blood test results components a blood test is typically composed of three main tests. Each test for different things which can be understood through a detailed analysis of the results.

Chemistry panel or metabolic panel. Lab test results and what they mean blood tests allow a doctor to see a detailed analysis of any disease markers the nutrients and waste products in your blood as well as how various organs e g kidneys and liver are functioning. A sodium blood test is a routine test that allows your doctor to see how much sodium is in your blood.

Magnesium phosphorous potassium and sodium. A sodium blood test also called a serum sodium test is a way for your health care provider to measure the amount of sodium in your blood. Your test is considered normal if it falls between 80 and 100 femtoliters.

This test is often part of a group of tests that measure. Blood tests are fast and almost painless. Blood test results made possible by the taking of blood for laboratory testing are one of the most important tools that your doctor uses in evaluating your health status.

Sodium is an essential mineral to your body.

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