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To be diagnosed you must have had at least one episode of mania or its milder form hypomania. The type of bipolar disorder depends on the severity and length of a.

Bipolar Mania Signs Diagnosis And Treatment

Bipolar mania or simply mania is a phase of bipolar disorder.

Bipolar with mania. Mania and hypomania are phases of bipolar disorder characterized by elevated highs in mood and behavior that are in stark contrast to the depressive lows of the emotional cycle. Bipolar mania symptoms often include an abnormal increase in energy or activity delusions of grandeur and racing thoughts. It is not uncommon for someone with bipolar to.

People with bipolar disorder can have periods of mania that are either all euphoric or all dysphoric but many have manic episodes that are mixed. It is characterized by sustained periods of abnormally elevated or irritable mood intense energy racing thoughts and other extreme and exaggerated behaviors. Mania is a facet of type i bipolar disorder in which the mood state is abnormally heightened and accompanied by hyperactivity and a reduced need for sleep.

If your doctor has diagnosed you with bipolar disorder you know what a manic episode feels like.

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