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Remember a bipolar episode is a distinct period of time when specific symptoms are present that taken together classify a person s mood as manic hypomanic or depressive. 5 examples of bipolar manic episodes.

Bipolar Disorder

This means that the delusions or hallucinations reflect your moods beliefs or current bipolar disorder episode mania or depression.

Bipolar episode examples. For example recreational drugs like cocaine or phencyclidine pcp or medications such as prednisone can cause symptoms of a manic episode. A similar type of mood episode that can present in bipolar disorder is hypomania which is essentially less severe mania according to nimh and does not necessarily interfere with a person s. Bipolar disorder due to a medical condition.

If you are concerned you are experiencing symptoms of a bipolar episode please seek care from a mental health professional. Do what you can to manage your stress get good sleep and avoid using alcohol or any other substance and work with your doctor to. Whether you re experiencing some of these episodes yourself or see them happening with others getting a person help for a bipolar disorder can be tough when they re going through a manic episode.

The disorder is also known as manic depression which can cause serious sudden shifts in a person s mood. Bipolar episodes can come out of the blue anand notes. For example in a depressive episode you might have.

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