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A beneficial effects on fetal maturation are greatest 24 hours after initiating therapy and extend up to at least 7 days. The beneficial effects of betamethasone are therefore probably greater.

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The medications are most effective from 2 to 7 days after the first dose.

Betamethasone in preterm labor. One of the primary benefits of antenatal betamethasone is that it can help speed up lung development in preterm babies. Two smaller randomized trials have specifically assessed the use of betamethasone in the late preterm period to prevent adverse neonatal respiratory outcomes. Women at risk for preterm delivery who were between gestational age of 23 weeks and 34 weeks were randomized to receive the standard two doses of betamethasone either 12 hours n 140 or 24 hours n 70 apart.

Recent data also suggest that betamethasone can be beneficial in pregnant women at high risk of late preterm birth between 34 0 7 weeks and 36 6 7 weeks of gestation who have not received a prior course of antenatal corticosteroids. The most common steroid betamethasone celestone is given in two doses 12 milligrams mg each 12 or 24 hours apart. Betamethasone causes the release of surfactant a substance that lubricates the lungs so that they do not stick together when the infant breathes.

Gravidity parity race and body mass index were similar across the two treatment groups. It stimulates the synthesis and release of surfactant 2 which lubricates the lungs allowing the air sacs to slide against one another without sticking when the infant breathes. 17 18 however these studies were.

12 mg once daily for 2 days in preterm labor that begins at 24 34 weeks gestation. Betamethasone has a higher affinity for the glucocorticoid receptor and a longer plasma half life. Because of the nature of preterm labour and the difficulty in predicting timing to delivery optimum efficacy is paramount.

Antenatal betamethasone is primarily used to speed up lung development in preterm fetuses.

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