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Na sodium 136 145 meq l. The basic metabolic panel typically measures these blood chemicals.

Basic Metabolic Panel Test

A single abnormal test result could be indicative of something different than if more than 1 of the test results are abnormal.

Basic metabolic panel ranges. 64 to 100 mg dl 3 55 to 5 55 mmol l serum chloride. Basic metabolic 2000 panel. 23 to 29 mmol l.

Metabolic panel normal lab ranges causes of abnormal results both the bmp and cmp assesses the following. 6 to 20 mg dl 2 14 to 7 14 mmol l co2 carbon dioxide. Cl chloride 98 107 meq l.

The following are normal ranges for the substances tested. 70 100 mg dl fasting range not fasting range can extend up to 125 mg dl. 0 8 to 1 2 mg dl 70 72 to 106 08 micromol l glucose.

The blood creatinine level increases as the kidney disease progresses. Blood chemistry panel normal ranges. The normal ranges of the different parameters that constitute a basic metabolic panel test and a general medical observation for each value when the values fall out of normal range are provided.

K potassium 3 5 5 1 meq l. Males 0 8 to 1 2mg dl and females 0 6 to 0 9mg dl a higher level may indicate kidneys dysfunction. If a sample is drawn shortly after you eat your blood sugar level can reach up to 140 mg dl.

A basic metabolic panel bmp is a blood test consisting of a set of seven or eight biochemical tests and is one of the most common lab tests ordered by health care providers outside the united states blood tests made up of the majority of the same biochemical tests are called urea and electrolytes u e or us and es or urea electrolytes creatinine uec or euc or cue and are often. Basic metabolic 2008 panel with ionized calcium. 132 146 meq l adults over 90 years old electrolyte panel.

The normal bmp range of your blood sugar is from 80 to 110 mg dl. Basic metabolic panel bld 70219 1. These numerical values are sometimes age and gender linked influenced by other medical conditions drugs etc.

96 to 106 mmol l. A basic metabolic panel bmp test is a blood test that determines your blood sugar level glucose electrolyte balance such as sodium and. Basic metabolic 1998 panel.

And hence they may vary. Basic metabolic panel results are usually evaluated in conjunction with each other for patterns of results. But if it reaches around 200 mg dl it.

Many conditions will cause abnormal results including kidney failure breathing problems and diabetes related. Basic metabolic and albumin panel.

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