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A basic metabolic panel bmp is a blood test consisting of a set of seven or eight biochemical tests and is one of the most common lab tests ordered by health care providers. A comprehensive metabolic panel is similar to a bmp but includes additional tests.

An Oncologist Explains Routine Blood Tests Performed In Cancer Patients

Some of the most common routine tests are.

Basic chem panel. Complete blood count cbc chemistry basic metabolic panel. Bmp chemistry panel chem 7 electrolyte panel what is this test. The bmp gives your healthcare practitioner important information about the current status of your body s metabolism hence the name metabolic panel.

This basic metabolic panel is used to test blood sugar levels blood acid base balance electrolytes and kidney function. This test is a screening panel of 14 tests that look at your metabolism. This test is known by multiple names including a smac7 sequential multi channel analysis with computer 7 metabolic panel basic metabolic panel bmp and metabolic 7 but most medical professionals refer to it as a chem 7 or bmp.

Depending on the lab performing the panel it may also evaluate levels of calcium and the protein albumin. The bmp basic metabolic panel or chem 7 is one of the most commonly ordered lab tests in medicine. The tests in this panel help see how well your liver and.

Nutrient tests for levels of vital nutrients such as iron or b vitamins. It provides information about the current health of your kidneys and respiratory system as well as electrolyte and acid base balance and level of blood glucose comprehensive metabolic panel cmp usually includes 14 tests. The basic metabolic panel bmp is a group of 8 tests that measures several substances in your blood.

This is a basic overview of the components of a bmp. This blood test gives information about your body s metabolism or how your body uses food for energy. It gives a snapshot of the health of your kidneys your blood sugar levels and the levels of key electrolytes such as potassium and sodium.

The chem 7 panel is a group of blood tests that provides information about metabolism. This combination of tests gives a good overview of the chemical state of the blood and its impact on organ function particularly of the kidney. Basic metabolic panel bmp usually contains 8 tests all of which are found in the cmp below.

It is one of the most commonly ordered lab tests. Your body gets energy from food through a process called metabolism. Metabolic panel cmp chem 14 chemistry panel chemistry screen formerly smac sequential multiple analyzer chemistry what is this test.

The basic metabolic panel is a group of blood tests that provides information about your body s metabolism.

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