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95 of the patients with sle have a positive ana test result. Autoimmune diseases feature a misdirected immune system and each of them has characteristic clinical manifestations that are used to make the precise diagnosis.

What Is The Antinuclear Antibody Ana Test

But some people have positive ana tests even when they re healthy.

Ana test interpretation. The interpretation or identification of a positive ana test does not make a diagnosis. The antinuclear antibody ana test is used as a primary test to help evaluate a person for autoimmune disorders that affect many tissues and organs throughout the body and is most often used as one of the tests to help diagnose systemic lupus erythematosus sle. The ana test is a sensitive screening test used to detect autoimmune diseases.

The test is not entirely specific and becomes positive in. In most cases a positive ana test indicates that your immune system has launched a misdirected attack on your own tissue in other words an autoimmune reaction. Interpretation of ana test.

It s also called an ana or fana fluorescent antinuclear antibody test. About 10 of the normal healthy population has antinuclear antibodies which are undetectable. An antinuclear antibody test is a blood test that looks for certain kinds of antibodies in your body.

However a positive ana test by itself does not diagnose any one particular disease.

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