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Usually doctors get highly concerned if the ana test results are more than 1 80. Many rheumatic diseases have similar signs and symptoms joint pain fatigue and fever.

The Initial Manifestations And Final Diagnosis Of Patients With High And Low Titers Of Antinuclear Antibodies After 6 Months Of Follow Up Sciencedirect

While an ana test can t confirm a specific diagnosis it can rule out some diseases.

Ana normal values. That is the highest dilution at which they remain detectable. This disease is characterized read more. On examination he has tenderness on palpation of the abdomen without guarding and over the wrists and metacarpophalangeal joints.

These are diseases in which the immune system in the body starts to attack the healthy cells of the host. A reference range is usually defined as the set of values 95 percent of the normal population falls within that is 95 prediction interval. Ana is found in around 5 of the healthy adult population being more present in women especially above the age of 65.

These people usually have no disease. Read our full medical article on antinuclear antibody test. It s also called an ana or fana fluorescent antinuclear antibody test.

Titers of 1 80 or lower are less likely to be significant. In comparison with the findings among the disease groups a low cutoff point at 1 40 serum dilution high sensitivity low specificity could have diagnostic value since it would classify virtually all patients with sle ssc or ss as ana positive. Plasma or whole blood.

It is determined by collecting data from vast numbers of laboratory tests. Full blood picture revealed anaemia with hb 90 g l normal 115 165 lymphopaenia of 0 5 x 109 l normal 1 0 4 0 and thrombocytopaenia with platelets of 92 x 109 l normal 150 450. Anas can be found in approximately 5 of the normal population usually in low titers low levels.

The most common autoimmune disease that ana titers test for is systemic lupus erythematosus sle. In this article all values except the ones listed below denote blood plasma concentration which is approximately 60 100 larger than. Antinuclear antibodies anas are most commonly described in titers of dilution.

A physician will order an antinuclear antibody ana titer in order to check for autoimmune diseases. And if the ana test is positive your blood can be tested for the presence of particular antinuclear antibodies some of which are specific to certain diseases. But that does not point to an autoimmune disease is present.

Titers of 1 80 or lower are considered to be somewhat normal without any risk of an autoimmune disease. This putatively normal population was ana positive in 31 7 of individuals at 1 40 serum dilution 13 3 at 1 80 5 0 at 1 160 and 3 3 at 1 320. However a test result ranging between 1 40 1 60 is considered to be negative and is not a cause of concern.

The normal range of ana blood test varies from laboratory to laboratory. Ana titers of less than or equal to 1 40 are considered negative even higher titers are often insignificant in patients over 60 years of age. Normally anas are described as negative when they are less than or equal to 1 40 dilution.

An antinuclear antibody test is a blood test that looks for certain kinds of antibodies in your body.

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