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However a test result ranging between 1 40 1 60 is considered to be negative and is not a cause of concern. These people usually have no disease.

Extractable Nuclear Antigen Antibodies Ena Panel Lab Tests Online

Ana is found in around 5 of the healthy adult population being more present in women especially above the age of 65.

Ana normal range. Your immune system normally makes antibodies to help you fight infection. Antinuclear antibodies anas are most commonly described in titers of dilution. Expect a complete medical history and examination along with the ana test results to confirm and identify the specific type of autoimmune disease.

However most people who do have lupus and initially test negative will go on to test positive at a later date. The normal range of ana blood test varies from laboratory to laboratory. In comparison with the findings among the disease groups a low cutoff point at 1 40 serum dilution high sensitivity low specificity could have diagnostic value since it would classify virtually all patients with sle ssc or ss as ana positive.

Esr was increased to 48mm hr normal 20 with a normal crp of 1 mg dl. This putatively normal population was ana positive in 31 7 of individuals at 1 40 serum dilution 13 3 at 1 80 5 0 at 1 160 and 3 3 at 1 320. An ana test was performed with a strongly positive 30 iu ml or 1 1 280 homogeneous pattern.

Consider other diseases associated with a high ana titer such as rheumatoid arthritis scleroderma juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and raynaud s syndrome. Usually doctors get highly concerned if the ana test results are more than 1 80. Normally anas are described as negative when they are less than or equal to 1 40 dilution.

Titers of 1 80 or lower are considered to be somewhat normal without any risk of an autoimmune disease. Anas can be found in approximately 5 of the normal population usually in low titers low levels. The ana antinuclear antibody titer blood test is used to measure the amount of ana that happens to be in the blood.

Liver function tests were normal other than an elevated total protein of 83 g l normal 60 82 despite slightly low albumin of 33 g l normal 35 50. The ana test is reported to have a false negative rate of about 5 percent. This response is usually triggered.

These antibodies are proteins that are only made when the body initiates an immune response. In contrast antinuclear antibodies often attack your body s own tissues specifically targeting each cell s nucleus. Titers of 1 80 or lower are less likely to be significant.

What is the normal range. That is the highest dilution at which they remain detectable. This is used to determine the possibility of an autoimmune disease being present.

But that does not point to an autoimmune disease is present. Read our full medical article on antinuclear antibody test. An ana test detects antinuclear antibodies ana in your blood.

In some individuals a high ana titer is normal.

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