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They include amniotic fluid index afi and deep pocket measurements. How the test is done your doctor or a lab technician will estimate your amniotic fluid volume by measuring fluid pockets during.

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It cushions your baby helps the development of your baby s lungs digestive system and muscle development and helps protect the umbilical cord from too much compression.

Afi pregnancy test. Anything more than 25 cm is too much amniotic fluid and anything less than 5 cm during the third trimester is too low. Technique the uterus is divided into four imaginary quadrants with the linea nigra and a mediolateral. Afi is the sum of the deepest vertical pocket of fluid excluding fetal parts and umbilical cord in four quadrants between the maternal midline vertically and a transverse line halfway between the pubic symphysis and uterine fundus 14 27 sdp is a measure of the single deepest pocket of fluid.

It is part of the fetal biophysical profile. The amniotic fluid index afi is a test often performed weekly toward the end of pregnancy in women with high blood pressure diabetes or other medical problems. The amniotic fluid index afi is an estimate of the amniotic fluid volume in a pregnant uterus.

Afi is the score expressed in cm given to the amount of amniotic fluid seen on ultrasonography of a pregnant uterus. It estimates the amount of amniotic fluid in the fetal sac to make sure there isn t too much a condition called polyhydramnios or too little a condition called oligohydramnios. In addition to the non stress test nst the doctor may order an ultrasound to measure the amniotic fluid index afi level.

Amniotic fluid surrounds your baby in your womb. Your doctor will perform an ultrasound to confirm the presence of an excess or lack of amniotic fluid to find out where you rate on the amniotic fluid index afi. To determine the afi doctors may use a four quadrant technique 2 when the deepest unobstructed vertical length of each pocket of fluid is measured in each quadrant and then added up to the others 3 or the so called single deepest pocket technique.

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