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One quarter to two thirds of all manic episodes are associated with delusions while 13 to 40 are associated with hallucinations. This has been reported in other studies too 7 10 11 17.

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Sato et al and rossi et al.

Acute mania symptoms. Acute mania can be subdivided into classical pure mania mania with mood congruent or mood incongruent psychosis mixed state and rapid cycling mania. It is characterized by such symptoms as inappropriate elation increased energy irritability severe insomnia rapid or loud speech disconnected and racing thoughts impulsivity markedly increased energy and activity level increased libido sexual desire poor judgment and inappropriate. The sample included 131 patients consecutively admitted to an acute psychiatry unit with a diagnosis of manic episode over a period of one year.

Describe poor sleep as a separate factor 10 11. Mania refers to an abnormally elevated mood state. Of the patients who fulfilled selection criteria.

Features which are commonly associated with mania such as poor sleep increased motor activity and pressured speech did not load on this factor either. Factor 2 corresponding to elated mania had significant loadings of elevated mood language abnormalities thought disorder increased sexual interest and poor insight.

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