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Acids are substances that ionize to yield free protons or hydrogen ions. Hydrogen containing substances which dissociate in solution to release h any ionic or molecular substance that can act as a proton h donor.

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Renal regulation of acid base balance the renal regulation of the body s acid base balance addresses the metabolic component of the buffering system.

Acid and base balance. Regulation of acid base balance the cells of the body derive energy from oxidative processes that produce acidic waste products. The body uses different mechanisms to control the blood s acid base balance. As discussed earlier in this chapter the concentration of carbonic acid in the blood is dependent on the level of co 2 in the body and the amount of co 2 gas exhaled through the lungs.

Your blood needs the right balance of acidic and basic alkaline compounds to function properly. They excrete hydrogen ions into urine. Strong acid hcl h2so4 h3po4.

They reabsorb bicarbonate from urine. The kidneys are slower to compensate than the lungs but renal physiology has several powerful mechanisms to control ph by the excretion of excess acid or base. Your kidneys and lungs work to maintain the acid base.

Accurately interpreting acid base balance requires simultaneous measurements of arterial ph and plasma electrolytes as well as knowledge of compensatory physiologic mechanisms. The kidneys have two very important roles in maintaining the acid base balance. Kidneys and acid base balance.

The blood s acid base balance is precisely controlled because even a minor deviation from the normal range can severely affect many organs. Thus the respiratory contribution to acid base balance is usually discussed in terms of co 2 rather than of carbonic acid. Control of acid base balance the body s balance between acidity and alkalinity is referred to as acid base balance.

Many critical illnesses can upset a patient s acid base balance and a disturbance in acid base equilibrium may indicate other underlying diseases or organ damage. This is called the acid base balance. Those hydrogen ions that derive from nonvolatile acids such as lactic pyruvic sulfuric and phosphoric acids are eliminated in the urine.

So4 h h so4 h h so4 h h so4 h h so4 h h so4 h h so4 h h so4 h h so4 h h h h h h h acids. Whereas the respiratory system together with breathing centers in the brain controls the blood levels of carbonic acid by controlling the exhalation of co 2 the renal system controls the blood levels of bicarbonate.

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