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This strip shows the onset of atrial fibrillation. A glitch in the heart s electrical system makes its upper chambers the atria beat so fast they quiver or fibrillate.


A pacemaker may be inserted into your heart.

A fib strip. Ask for more information on a fib ablation. Onset of atrial fibrillation. A fib ablation is a procedure that uses energy to burn a small area of heart tissue.

This creates scar tissue and prevents electrical signals that cause a fib. When interpreting a fib on an ekg strip the rhythm will be irregular and not have p waves. This causes the lower chambers the ventricles to beat out of sync.

In the case of atrial fibrillation the consistent p waves are replaced by fibrillatory waves which vary in amplitude shape and timing compare the two illustrations below. A fib can be paroxysmal meaning that it has a sudden onset but then stops spontaneously usually within 24 hours to a week. You may need this procedure more than once.

A pacemaker is a device that controls your heartbeat. With a fib you may see small irregular flutter waves kind of like a bumpy road which can sort of resemble p waves. With atrial fibrillation you will not have a regular rhythm the ekg strip will show atypical rhythms popping all over the place.

With sinus rhythm the p waves will be in place with equal pr intervals. A fib can also be classified as persistent meaninging that the a fib lasts more than a week. The rhythms will be irregular sporadic and will not be perfused unlike the normal ones.

Like a dj throwing beats at parties.

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