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The six second ecg course employs a 3 step system to both identify and triage ecg rhythms what we refer to as true ecg interpretation. The quick steps is a rapid 1 page guide to ecg interpretation.

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Each small square on an ekg strip s horizontal axis represents 0 04 seconds so a six second segment is 150 squares long.

6 second strip ecg. I also run some successful ecg pages on facebook these being the famous ecg cardiology page ecg educator page and a couple of ecg groups. Please see the links to these in the menu above or at the right of this. Use the quick steps with the six second ecg simulator available here to improve your practice understanding and effectiveness.

Dip ecg and i have attended specialist courses in electrocardiology at various uk universities. The six second method is best used for regular heart. Six second ecg rhythm strips.

Every five large boxes equal one second simply count the number of qrs complexes in any six second interval and multiply this number by ten. 6 second strip ecg paper is marked in three second intervals or sometimes every second. 6 seconds 10 60 seconds 1 minute.

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